Each member of the Kelowna Family Dental team plays an important role in not only our office, but your oral health as well.  Let’s go over the different team members and how they help to keep you healthy!

Registered Dental Hygienist

Our hygienists are experts in oral health.  Their role on our team is to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.  During your routine visits with them, they will update your medical history, take x-rays when needed, clean your teeth both above and below the gums to remove the plaque and hard calculus (tartar) that has built up, polish your teeth to remove stains, provide fluoride treatments and instruct you on proper home care techniques.  They are also a wealth of knowledge about teeth and overall health, so feel free to ask them questions.

Certified Dental Assistant

Our assistants are highly skilled dental professionals.  They not only help our dentists with procedures for you, they also clean your children’s teeth, take impressions, make whitening trays and sterilize instruments.  They take x-rays, provide fluoride treatments and prepare you for your treatments.  These are just a few of the duties they perform everyday in our office.  Ask them your questions about treatments because they are great at explaining them for you.


Dr. Moreau & Dr. Bal

Our dentists, Dr. Robyn Moreau, Dr. Dilraj Bal & Dr. Tom Martin, spent many years studying at UBC in Vancouver to receive their Dental degree.  They will be the ones to diagnose problems in your mouth and treat them. They use their education and experience to recommend treatment options for you and to help you decide how you would like to proceed.  Dr. Moreau, Dr. Bal & Dr. Martin are always willing to discuss and explain the treatments for you and answer your questions.  Whether it is guiding a toddler through their first dental visit, explaining replacement options for someone who has lost a tooth or screening you for oral cancer, our dentists are keeping your overall health as well as your dental health in mind.

Dental Administrator

Our Dental Administrators coordinate our schedule, your treatment, insurance and billings.  They will arrange your appointments, communicate with your insurance company, explain your appointments for you and can answer many questions about dental treatments.  They will answer your phone calls, email you reminders and keep the rest of us busy. Call to book your appointment today!

To learn a little more about our team members at Kelowna Family Dental, check out our About Us page.