Restorative Dentistry


Inlays and onlays are a conservative option to protect teeth from breaking or to repair teeth that have decay. When a tooth is only partially broken down, or has a medium sized cavity, this may be a good option. Available in porcelain or gold. Onlays are recommended for you when you have a larger filling that puts your tooth at risk of breaking.  By covering the weakened part of your tooth with either a gold or porcelain onlay, we are able to protect your tooth and decrease the chance that it will break on you.  This procedure allows the dentist to preserve as much of your natural healthy tooth as possible, which will lengthen the lifespan of your onlay as well as the tooth itself.

White Composite Fillings

Have a cavity or broke a tooth? Our white composite fillings repair your teeth in an aesthetic way.  Our composite fillings come in a variety of shades to allow us to match the colour of your teeth