Children’s Dentistry


Taking care of your child’s mouth and teaching them to care for it themselves, is an important part of their overall health. From seeing your child at the age of one for their first check up, to teaching them how to brush and floss as they grow up, we treat kids of all ages. Your child’s dental needs can vary from your own as baby teeth have different needs. We pride ourselves on trying to make your child’s experience as easy for them as possible. From fissure sealants and cleanings to fillings, space maintainers and stainless steel crowns, we will help your child maintain a healthy mouth. Drs. Moreau & Bal recommend that your child start seeing a dentist at age 1, and continue to have exams and cleanings every 6 months after that. By starting young, your child will get used to going to the dentist office and all of the different things that are done there. Teaching your children that their oral health is important will set them up for better dentist experiences as they get older. Check out a few of our blog posts for more information about dental health for children: How to Help Your Child have Better Dental Health and Kids Club.