Crowns are used to protect your teeth from breaking, restore them if they are broken or to change the appearance of a tooth. Our dentists will recommend a crown for you when they see a tooth that has a large filling in it. The large filling weakens your tooth and makes it more likely to break. In order to try to prevent it from breaking, a crown will be made to cover over the tooth. Many teeth that have had root canal treatment done also need crowns. The root canal procedure can weaken the tooth and make it more prone to breakage as well as reinfection. Putting a crown on a root canaled tooth can help protect it from fractures and reinfection. If your tooth has already broken, a crown is often the only way to fix your tooth and prevent it from breaking more. Crowns can also be used to reshape a misformed tooth, to change the colour of an unsightly tooth, to close an open space or to straighten a rotated tooth. Available in porcelain or gold. Ask our dentists which option would be better for you. For more information, check out our blog post about crowns: “My dentist said I need a crown. I must be special, right?”